Social and Emotional Learning: Overview

At the core of KICP programmes is the wellness of all those involved. Therefore, Social Emotional Learning ( is the foundation sustaining all three programmes.

KICP believes in empowering teachers, teacher interns and leaders with personal and social competence through blending emotional and social intelligence principles and in particular developing the practices of reflection, resilience, developing habits of mind and relationship building.

The KICP social and emotional learning programme is a values-based programme that empowers staff and learners with personal and social competence, incorporating core work-related skills to develop agility and flexibility in a digitally orientated world This programme ensures that schools are able to blend emotional and social intelligence principles across the curriculum.


The KICP SEL Programme offers opportunities for sustaining wellness through a structure where teachers ensure that the learner's voice is heard and valued, where peer moderation is embraced as a strong moderating influence, where open, honest and difficult conversations can be facilitated, where behaviour is modified and soft skills are practised Through such approaches, positive school climates and cultures are strengthened and become entrenched.

Key aspects of the programme are:

  • Social skills training: coordination, communication, collaboration, critical thinking
  • Resilience, Relationships, Reflection
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Training in the circle paradigm
  • Problem solving and sensitivity

"Emotion and learning are completely connected.
If you are in a positive emotional space – if you are feeling good about yourself and your teacher –
that opens up the opportunity for more learning”

Edutopia, The Power of Relationships in Schools (2019)