Digital teaching and learning: Overview

Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) is another cross-cutting theme that is promoted across all KICP programmes. KICP believes in promoting a blend of digital and classroom learning.


There are three main areas of focus:

  • Enhancing learning experiences through using multimedia
  • Improving digital communication and collaboration
  • Providing digital tools for improved administration

In an increasingly visual age, and with technological potential growing at an exponential rate, the KICP team seeks to use digital teaching and learning to enhance the classroom experience and aid teachers with communication and administration.

In the South African education landscape, the majority of schools are under-resourced and are located in low-income areas. Although most teachers have a cell phone, access to stable connectivity and computers is scarce. This means that most classrooms in South Africa still use chalkboards and textbooks for teaching and learning.

Public school teachers recognise the digital skills deficit affecting their practice and engage willingly in workshops they feel will help them to develop The DTL team structure their sessions to include new pedagogical approaches to discipline, lesson planning and administration, thus achieving more outcomes than simply digital skills training.

 Blended is Best!

Blended Learning is a teaching approach that combines digital learning with traditional face-to-face learning.
Teachers learn to recognise when might be the most appropriate time for each to be effective.


“Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational"
George Couros